Long-lasting makeup tips


Long-lasting makeup tips

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  • What is makeup?
  • Long lasting makeup tips
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Long-lasting makeup tips:- These days, the two most searched-after subjects in relation to cosmetics are how to apply makeup that looks natural and how to make it endure. Although there are hundreds of brands marketing items, only few of them truly deliver on their long-lasting promises. In order to solve this issue, we at Fashion Make Fashion have put together a list of helpful hints and techniques that will enable you to establish a cosmetic regimen that will endure for a long time.

Here’s one more thing to know before we go into these secrets. Anybody may benefit from exfoliation, regardless of their skin type. To extend the wear of your cosmetics, exfoliate your skin. Take care not to overdo it, though, since your skin may become damaged by excessive exfoliation. We recommend exfoliating your skin twice a week for dry skin and three times a week for oily skin.

Now, let’s get into the secrets that have helped many of our clients solve this issue.


What is makeup?


Men who don’t wear makeup frequently might believe it’s a time waster. But cosmetics have developed into a tool that helps women and young girls express their feelings at the moment. It has greatly influenced Indian society since it has always been a part of our culture. Even though makeup has always been a part of our culture, the marketplaces for both Indian and foreign beauty companies are expanding exponentially.

The modelling and film industries in India also play a significant part in popularizing these goods. A large target audience is also provided by pop culture celebrities who support these items. Still, long-lasting cosmetic operations are the most sought-after on the internet. Almost every woman in the world has dealt with this problem at some point in her life. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest tips for long-lasting makeup tips for you.

Here are some long lasting makeup tips

Steer clear of several layers

Applying several coats of makeup for a longer-lasting affect could seem like a smart idea at first. That isn’t the case, though. The converse can occur and makeup will not stay as long if many layers are apply. This is so that the foundation or primer on your skin can only get a foothold since just the top layer of makeup comes into touch with it. Since there is no base for subsequent layers to stick to, they are more prone to come off readily.

Apply setting spray

This is a helpful technique if you have to wear your makeup for long periods of time. Use a setting spray once all of your makeup has been applied. Especially if you have dry skin, this spray can keep your makeup in place for an extended period of time. Holding the container six inches away from your face, spritz two or three times to apply the setting spray.

Use items that are appropriate for your skin type

Choosing the correct cosmetics requires an understanding of your skin type. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals don’t know what type of skin they have, which results in makeup that slides off the face. Before purchasing any cosmetic items, it’s advisable to get advice from a professional if you’re unclear about your skin type. By doing this, you’ll avoid wasting a lot of money on things that might not be a good fit for you. Always remember that when it comes to your skin, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

Older items smear more easily

It’s best to buy goods that have a longer shelf life. You’ll save money by doing this in addition to maintaining the health of your skin. Makeup products crumble and become hard as they age, making smearing more likely. Fresh makeup, on the other hand, looks more accentuated and adheres to your skin better.

Use setting powder

Just like setting sprays, setting powders are also sold in stores and are as effective. In fact, when compared to setting sprays, they have been shown to be more durable and effective. Longer-lasting makeup is achieved using setting powder. After applying all of your makeup products, dab your makeup brush lightly into the setting powder and use it all over your face. Selecting a setting powder that complements your skin tone is crucial.



In conclusion, applying a cosmetic product that isn’t right for your skin type will always result in bad results, regardless of the brand you favour. That’s the reason I advise against making a large financial commitment to these products and instead to see a dermatologist. Furthermore, there is nothing like natural beauty, so embrace your perfection the way you are and save yourself the trouble of deciding what to use and what not to. Consider enrolling in one of our top makeup courses in Chandigarh if you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist and want to study the ins and outs of the industry.


  1. Where can I buy setting powder from and of which brand?
    1. If you need setting powder, it’s easy to buy it online. However, I recommend visiting an official brand store, regardless of the brand, and testing the powder yourself. It’s crucial to match the shade of the powder to your skin tone.
  2. How much setting powder should use at one time?
    1. There is an amount given in the instructions on every setting powder. Also, every person has a different skin type therefore you must consult this with your dermatologist.
  3. How can I find out if my makeup kit is according to my skin type?
    1. The best way to check this is to talk to your dermatologist and show them every product that you are using.
  4. What can I do if my makeup still runs off after applying the setting spray?
    1. Shift from setting spray to setting powder and also check if your products are suitable for your skin. You might need to change the brand or the company that you are using currently.
  5. What can I do when I need the makeup for longer periods?
    1. Apply fewer layers of makeup products. Go for the natural look and try to avoid dabbing your skin a lot throughout the day.

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