How Does Assistive Technology Improve Life for NDIS Participants?


The NDIS helps millions of people with disabilities in Australia achieve independence and live a quality life. The scheme funds assistive technology, which is life-changing for most participants. It makes it easier for family and friends to care for their loved ones to reach their goals. Learn more about the impact of assistive technology on NDIS participants.

NDIS Assistive Technology

Assistive technology in NDIS covers all equipment and devices that help people with disabilities perform actions they cannot do because of their disability. With assistive technology, performing daily tasks becomes much more manageable. However, the NDIS does not fund AT that other government services outside the NDIS support.

Impact of Assistive technology

  • It helps overcome or reduce the effects of disability by allowing participants to do things they could not do before. As a result, this gives them more independence to live a quality life as they work towards achieving their goals.
  • AT makes it easier for NDIS participants to participate in the community and other social activities. They can also collaborate easier with support coordinators and NDIS plan managers in Perth.
  • Assistive technology like hearing aids helps improve communication among participants, their friends, families and support coordinators. With better communication, NDIS participants are more open to learning opportunities to help with goal achievement.
  • Assistive technology like wheelchairs helps people with disabilities move around, helping them get employment.
  • Most people with disabilities are likely to have accidents in their daily lives. Assistive technology reduces the risk and ensures their safety. Besides, AT helps not only people with disabilities but everyone around them.

If you are an NDIS participant needing assistive technology, remember to include it in your upcoming planning meeting. If you already have a plan and require AT, consider a plan review to include assistive technology in the newer plan. The NDIS funds assistive technology that is considered reasonable and necessary.