Why Should You Use Aqueous Coatings For Custom Playing Card Boxes?


4 in 10 Americans love playing games and 68 % of them love playing cards. This means that you have a huge population to earn profit. To attract this large number to your brand you can use custom playing card boxes with catchy designs. 

But you have to make the boxes reusable and long lasting and the best thing to do this is the use of aqueous coatings. Aqueous coatings have many benefits among the top of which is that this coating is durable and sustainable.  

A Custom Printed Playing Card Boxes coated with an aqueous finish will allow you to cast a positive impression on the customers. There are several types of aqueous coating and today’s blog will tell you what these types are and why should you use this coating on your boxes. 

Purpose Of Coatings 

Coatings allow you to give protection to the packaging material. To add value and to beautify the product the use of coatings is crucial. Coatings are used before and after printing and both are of equal importance.

Embossing vs Debossing

Embossing vs Debossing Which One is Best for Packaging

Every good packaging must have a post-printing coating to get a classy and catchy look. Using aqueous coatings for custom playing card packaging boxes will allow you to give cost-effective appeal to the boxes at the fastest rate because aqueous coatings do not require much time to dry. 

Protective Features Of Aqueous Coating 

Custom box material no matter how much is of good quality requires protection from moisture. With the help of coatings, this protection is provided. The cellulose fiber present in the paper is liable to absorb moisture and swell up. 

Nonetheless, with the help of aqueous coatings, you can prevent this problem easily. Coatings on playing card boxes wholesale allow brands to get long-lasting protection for their playing cards.

It also makes the material resistant to scuffs and scratches that the boxes may get at the time of transit and storage. Apart from this, aqueous coating gives fingerprint resistance to the material so touch by multiple customers will not decline your product presentation. 

Beautify The Box Look 

Aqueous coatings not only stay longer on the boxes but also give a glamorous look to the packaging. Boxes with these coatings have the finest quality colors and the application of printings does not decline the color quality. 

From custom printed mailer boxes to retail packaging the coatings method is the best. In addition to this, aqueous coating does not get yellow as varnishes do, so getting a long-lasting beauty becomes easy.  

Bio Degradable

Mostly coatings reduce the sustainability of the packaging material and make it difficult to recycle the boxes. However, with the help of aqueous coatings, your packaging will not lose its environmentally friendly nature and it will also become difficult to recycle it. 

Long Lasting

Aqueous coating lasts longer than other types of sustainable coatings. When compared to lamination, we can not say that aqueous coating is more lasting but it still lasts for a reasonable duration so your playing card box can be used by the customers for an extended period. 


When you increase the protective ability of the packaging then it is understandable that the cost will increase. But the increase in the price should be within a reasonable limit. Coatings increase the box prices, with aqueous coatings you can remain within your pre-defined budget. 

Types Of Aqueous Coatings 

For custom playing card packaging boxes you have a lot of choices in aqueous coatings. From dullest to glossiest, aqueous coatings are available in any type. All the types of this finishing are transparent and do not affect the original colors of the boxes. The four types of this finishing are listed below: 

Gloss: As the name indicates this finish gives a shiny look to the packaging. Boxes with gloss finish will enhance the printed artwork’s glam and make the customer buy from you. 

Matt: This is the bright version of aqueous flood coating. In this, a subtle and dry look is give to the substrate. Matt’s finish intensifies the colors and the artwork and fabulously enhances the box’s appearance. 

Satin: Satin coating is dry in appearance but it gives a velvety look to the area where it is applied. Satin gives a high level of resistance from scuffing as it has qualities that match with lamination. 

Soft Touch: This also gives a velvety touch to the packaging but it has less shine than the rest of the types. 

Conclusion Remarks! 

Enhance the protective ability of your custom playing card boxes with the help of aqueous coatings. You can add huge value to the product presentation and also retain the sustainable nature of your boxes. 

There are four types of aqueous coating that are immensely used in the custom box industry. Every finish has its unique qualities, you can select according to the requirements of your products and the preferences of your target audience.