Promising Education for Your Child: Singapore Secondary Schools


Early childhood education is the precursor to a child’s lifetime learning adventure. Education is an incredibly meaningful experience. With its distinctive pedagogical philosophy based on freedom, curiosity, and experiential learning, the Montessori approach is a shining light in Singapore’s busy educational scene.

The transition from Montessori to primary school is an important venture. Finding the ideal balance between fostering a child’s natural potential and preparing them for the demands of elementary school are essential features of this phase. 

This blog explores the smooth integration of Montessori principles in creating a solid foundation that helps children succeed in primary school, attempting to disentangle the complexities of this shift.

The Global Indian International School 

For children in grades 6 through 10, secondary school is the vital transitional year between elementary and high school. In Singapore, a secondary education must be completed. 

Our system allows students to select from either the Indian or foreign curricula that best suit their interests to make a smoother transition to higher levels of study when applying for secondary school admission in foreign schools.

As a top Singapore Secondary School, we offer Indian and International curricula to foreign students for their secondary education. We focus on skills-based learning in a digital setting at our two campuses, the Secondary School in Punggol SMART Campus and the East Coast Campus.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme

As pupils advance from primary school to middle school and choose the international stream, this Cambridge curriculum is a logical next step. This program, which is intended for students in Grades 6 through 8, includes modules that support the growth of students’ core subject knowledge as well as their creativity, skill, and general well-being. 

The programme is well-liked by GIIS foreign students because it gives them the chance to autonomously work with ideas and information and expand their learning potential. Additionally, GIIS’s infrastructure gives students the areas and resources they need to be creative, involved, and reflective about their education.

Cambridge – IGCSE

Offering the International General Certificate Secondary Education to students between the ages of 14 and 16, GIIS has been a Cambridge international secondary school for almost ten years. 

A taste of high school life is provided to kids over these two years. They can pick and choose their preferred field of study, how they want to learn, and their method of achieving success. 

They can expand their intellectual curiosity, use their knowledge outside of the classroom, and become civically engaged citizens with the support of written, oral, practical, and coursework assignments. Instructors help them make resource selections and provide them with quality instruction to help them advance their skills. 


In Singapore, we were the first school to implement the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). A reputable board that offers exceptional academics and a skill-based education to students who become future industry professionals. 

Students attend secondary school from Grade 6 through Grade 10, where they can make use of the greatest contemporary teaching resources, receive individualised instruction from knowledgeable teachers, and explore and experiment with a wide range of digital materials to solidify their academic foundations.


GIIS also undergoes a detailed assessment process. We offer two distinct evaluation procedures for students based on the Indian and International syllabuses.

  • Indian Curriculum: Two formative assessments; one midterm; and one final term exam.
  • International curricula such as PYP and CLSP.
  • Two term-end exams at the conclusion, bookended by ongoing assessment tests throughout the term.
  • Affordable Singapore primary school fees.

Thus, if you’re looking for a Singapore Secondary School for your child, make sure you enrol them in a prestigious private secondary school in Punggol or East Coast that offers international secondary education and the Cambridge CLSP, IGCSE, or CBSE programmes.