Price and Features of Honda Activa 125 and Suzuki Access 125


Time is very important for every person who is travelling today. These amazing scooters have a speciality that offers a combination of power, productivity, and comfort. Today, we will learn their features and performance step by step, providing the information.

The Honda Activa 125 features reliability, solace, and eco-friendliness. This scooter comes at a price of Rs. 79,806 to Rs. 88,979 in India. It has acquired its standing as India’s most-selling scooter model. Besides, its developments add to diminished emissions, improved mileage, and reliable performance. 

Here are the prices of its other variants:

  • Activa 125 Drum comes at a price tag of Rs. 79,806.
  • Activa 125 Drum Alloy variant is available at a price of Rs. 83,474 in India.
  • Honda Activa 125 Disc is priced at Rs. 86,979.
  • Activa 125 H-Smart scooter comes at a price of Rs. 88,979 in India. 

Activa 125 Technical Specifications

The Activa 125 has a 125cc Fan-cooled single-cylinder and 2-valve motor. The B-consistent motor conveys 8.18 bhp at 6,500 rpm and a torque of 10.3 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The eSP technology guarantees a class-driving mileage of 50 kmpl, and the Idling Stop System adds a reasonable touch by automatically switching off the motor at brief stops.

Moreover, the Activa 125 has a strong underbone frame, telescopic front suspension, and a 3-step movable spring-loaded hydraulic back suspension. The braking system, with 130 mm drum brakes on both sides, guarantees protection and control when slowing down.

Why To Choose Honda Activa Scooter?

The Honda Activa 125 offers a comfortable riding experience with its seat intended for long periods of use. This makes it ideal for different tasks, from everyday driving to weekly outings. The Honda Activa 125 stands apart as a dependable and feasible response for Indian riders. 

Suzuki Access 125: A Flagship Model with SEP Technology

Suzuki Access 125 is priced between Rs. 79,899 and Rs. 90,000. It arises as a leadership model for the Japanese maker. The Access 125 is controlled by a 124cc, air-cooled, single-chamber, and 2-valve motor, conveying 8.6 bhp and 10 Nm of torque. This scooter is known for its innovative SEP technology, offering an ideal balance of low fuel utilisation, speed acceleration, and better performance.

Along with this, it functions as a 5-litre fuel tank with an beneath-seat capacity of 21.8 litres. Moreover, the riders can recognise skillability and speed with a maximum speed of 90 kmph. Suzuki Access gives a mileage of 52.45 kmpl, which makes it an efficient decision for regular use.

Here are the variants of the Suzuki Access 125 scooter:

  • Access 125 Drum scooter is available at a price of Rs. 79,899.
  • Access 125 Disc variant comes at Rs. 83,601 in India.
  • The price of the Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition is Rs. 85,300.
  • Access 125 Ride Connect Edition is priced at Rs. 90,000.

Access 125 Specifications

This Suzuki scooter stands apart with its particular features, which are similar to its design and power. The brakes are integrated with 120 mm front and back drum brakes with CBS for quick and powerful stops. Moreover, it has a telescopic front suspension and a swing arm back suspension, giving a smooth and pleasant riding experience.

Moreover, the Access 125 features alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, and LED lighting for improved visibility. With an overall length of 1,870 mm, a wheelbase of 1265 mm, and a kerb weight of 104 kg, it offers an even and flexible ride.

Additional Features Enhancing Comfort

Suzuki Access 125 exceeds all expectations with extra features. It is E20-compliant, permitting it to run on ethanol-mixed petroleum, making it eco-accommodating. The scooter is outfitted with LED lighting for a bright and wide-emanated light spread, guaranteeing better visibility.

Moreover, the Bluetooth-enabled advanced console provides missed calls and caller ID notifications, SMS and WhatsAlert, estimated time of arrival refreshes, telephone battery level, and over-speed advance notice. The Fuel Fusion system contributes to smooth and proficient fuel conveyance, improving general performance.

Choosing Between Honda Activa 125 and Access 125

Both the Honda Honda Activa 125 and Suzuki Access 125 present convincing choices for riders looking for dependable and effective 125cc scooters. The decision, at last, relies upon individual preferences, budget plans, and explicit requirements.

If you want unwavering quality, brilliant innovation, and a budget plan, the Honda Activa 125 is the best choice. Then again, Suzuki Access 125 appeals to riders searching for inventive features, a Bluetooth network, and the eco-friendly part of E20 compliance.

Ending Thoughts 

The Honda Activa 125 and Suzuki Access 125 have areas of strength, each offering an interesting arrangement of features and performance capacities. Whether you focus on unwavering quality, eco-friendliness, or innovation, both these scooters offer something extraordinary that would be useful. Moving ahead, you can consider your preferences and necessities to pursue the ideal decision between these bikes, guaranteeing a better riding experience.

For more information about Honda Activa 125 and Suzuki Access 125 scooters, stay tuned with us.