Boost Your Career: Ace the AZ-104 and Land Your Dream Azure Job in USA



Earning the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 certification is a great way to boost your career prospects in the ever-growing cloud computing field. This globally recognized credential validates your ability to configure and manage Azure cloud services, making you a highly sought-after candidate for employers worldwide.

The AZ-104 exam covers a wide range of topics, including Azure fundamentals, networking, storage, compute, security, and identity. Successfully passing the exam requires dedication and thorough preparation.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the AZ-104 exam, from the exam format and content to the best study resources and test-taking tips. With the right approach and resources, you can ace the AZ-104 and land your dream Azure job in the USA.

Understanding the AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104 exam is a 90-minute, multiple-choice exam with 60-70 questions. The passing score is 700 out of 1000. The exam is administered online through Pearson VUE testing centers or PSI online proctoring.

The exam covers the following five core domains:

  • Domain 1: Describe Azure Core Services (20%)
  • Domain 2: Implement and Manage IaaS Solutions (25%)
  • Domain 3: Implement and Manage PaaS Solutions (20%)
  • Domain 4: Design and Implement Azure Security (20%)
  • Domain 5: Manage Azure Identity and Access (15%)

AZ-104 Exam

Preparing for the AZ-104 Exam

There are a variety of resources available to help you prepare for the AZ-104 exam. Here are a few of the most recommended:

  • Microsoft Official Learning Path: Microsoft offers a free learning path for the AZ-104 exam on its Microsoft Learn platform. This path includes a series of modules, hands-on labs, and practice quizzes.
  • Braindumps4IT: Braindumps4IT provides comprehensive AZ-104 study materials, including practice exams, study guides, and video lectures. Their AZ-104 Mock Test is considered one of the best resources for replicating the real exam experience.
  • Udemy: Udemy offers a variety of affordable AZ-104 courses taught by experienced instructors. These courses cover all of the exam objectives and provide valuable insights and tips.
  • Books: Several excellent books are available to help you prepare for the AZ-104 exam. Some of the most popular include “Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam Prep” by Scott Duffy and “AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Study Guide” by David Pogan.

Tips for Taking the AZ-104 Exam

Here are a few tips to help you succeed on the AZ-104 exam:

  • Start early: Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. Give yourself plenty of time to review the material and take practice exams.
  • Create a study schedule: Set aside a dedicated time each day or week to study for the exam. Stick to your schedule as much as possible.
  • Focus on the core domains: The five core domains listed above are the most heavily weighted on the exam. Make sure you spend extra time studying these areas.
  • Take practice exams: Practice exams are a great way to assess your readiness for the real exam and identify areas where you need more improvement. Braindumps4IT’s AZ-104 Mock Test is highly recommended for its accuracy and challenging questions.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the exam: Being well-rested will help you focus and perform your best on the exam.

Landing Your Dream Azure Job in the USA

Once you have earned your AZ-104 certification, you will be well-position to land your dream Azure job in the USA. The demand for Azure skills is high, and employers are willing to pay top dollar for qualified candidates.

Here are a few tips for landing your dream Azure job:

  • Highlight your AZ-104 certification on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Network with other Azure professionals.
  • Apply for jobs that match your skills and experience.
  • Practice your interviewing skills.


Q: What is the salary range for Azure AZ-104 certified professionals in the USA?

A: The salary range for Azure AZ-104 certified professionals in the USA can vary depending on several factors, such as experience, location, and specific job title. However, according to data from Indeed, Glassdoor, and PayScale, the average salary for Azure administrators with the AZ-104 certification in the USA is between $90,000 and $120,000 per year.

With more experience and specialized skills, such as cloud architecture or security, Azure professionals can earn significantly more.

Q: Is the AZ-104 exam difficult?

A: The difficulty of the exam can vary depending on your individual experience and knowledge of Azure. However, most test-takers agree that it is a challenging exam that requires thorough preparation. The best way to gauge your readiness is to take practice exams, such as those offered by Braindumps4IT, and identify areas where you need more study.

Q: How long does it take to prepare for the AZ-104 exam?

A: The amount of time it takes to prepare for the AZ-104 exam will vary depending on your prior knowledge and experience. Generally, it is recommend to spend at least 4-6 weeks studying for the exam, dedicating about 15-20 hours per week. This includes studying the official Microsoft learning materials, taking practice exams, and hands-on labs.

Q: Can I get a job as an Azure administrator without the AZ-104 certification?

A: While it is possible to get an entry-level job in Azure administration without the AZ-104 certification, having the certification will make you a more competitive candidate and give you access to higher-paying jobs. The certification demonstrates your knowledge and skills in Azure, which is increasingly sought-after by employers.


Earning the Microsoft Azure certification is a valuable investment in your career. With the right preparation and resources, you can ace the exam and land your dream Azure job in the USA. The growing demand for Azure skills ensures a bright future for certified professionals, so start your journey today and unlock your full potential in the cloud.

Remember, the key to success is to start early, focus on the core domains, and take practice exams to refine your skills. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals and become a top-tier Azure professional.